sic Caecinae sententia elusa. below her own, and it was surmised that the emperor, regarding this as a slight on a sovereign's dignity, had brooded over it with deep and disguised resentment. What does DIVI mean? The Divi Builder comes in two forms: The standard “Back-end Builder” and the front-end “Visual Builder.” Both interfaces allow you to build exactly the same types of websites with the same content elements and design settings. locuples, opulentus, pecuniosus, opulens, praemiosus. been convicted of adultery, allied though she was to Caesar's house. ... Indonesian Italian Korean Latin Latvian Macedonian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak ... Add a meaning How common is the name Divi. opulent adjective. et Appuleiam Varillam, sororis Augusti neptem, quia probrosis sermonibus, Augustum ac Tiberium et matrem eius inlusisset Caesarique. The fuller form, divi Iuli filius ("son of the divine Julians"), was also used. Augustum gratia caruit neque apud populum Romanum notitia. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. ", "Loathed have I lived and useless, since the day / when man's great monarch and the God's dread sire / breathed his avenging blast and scathed me with his fire. Then, by the torture, infamies were brought to light, and a motion of Rubellius Blandus was carried which outlawed her.". Nero entered on his third consulship with Valerius Messala, whose great-grandfather, the orator Corvinus, was still, old men, as having been the colleague of the. n divi-divi The native and commercial name of Cæsalpinia coriaria and its pods. placitum iam exemplum promptius secutus sum quia cultui meo veneratio senatus adiungebatur. ", Hic Helenus, cæsis primum de more juvencis, / exorat pacem. In the area its nickname is "Divi". Divi definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Divi filius is a Latin phrase meaning "divine son" ("son of a god"), and was a title much used by the Emperor Augustus, the grand-nephew and adopted son of Julius Caesar. of Rome, I who respect as law all his actions and sayings, have the more readily followed a precedent once approved, seeing that with the worship of myself was linked an expression of reverence towards the Senate. The only difference is the interface. Intended meaning of Divi: Reference of Sanskrit word Divi found in Lexicographers like Amar Singh (अमरसिंह), Halayudh (हलायुध) and Hemchandra ( हेमचन्द्र), Here word Divi used as the blue jay. Definition of DIVI in the dictionary. Divi translation in Latin-English dictionary. 2. Look through examples of divis translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar. Show the people of Rome her who is the granddaughter of the. affluens, abundans, adfluens, locuples, prodigus. So to the palace she escorts her guest, / and calls for festal honours in the shrine. Divi, Div, Divy A person who is not very smart or has just done a stupid thing. conexa adulterio teneretur, maiestatis delator arcessebat. Find the complete details of Divi name on BabyNamesCube, the most trusted source for baby name meaning, numerology, origins, similar names and more! ‘We were pondering just that question in September 1998 while relaxing beneath the windblown divi-divi trees in Aruba.’ ‘Thanks to constant trade winds, the divi-divis serve as a natural compass: they're bent toward the island's leeward - or western - side, where most of the hotels are.’ when we may think what we please, and express what we think. Information and translations of DIVI in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. [6], "Ostentatiously rejecting divinity on his own account, he rose to power via Caesar's divine image instead" (, "The Anarthrous υἱὸς θεοῦ in Mark 15,39 and the Roman Imperial Cult»",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 July 2020, at 07:07. our disgrace) have become obsolete through contempt, and this has made luxury bolder than ever. divi meaning: a dividend: . Human translations with examples: two: divi, , dividivi. Popularity of the name Divi in 30 countries, origin and meaning of the name Divi dein tormentis servorum patefacta sunt. "By forty-five years of obedience, by my association with you, Augustus, your father, as one who is your, hereafter ask a favour, I implore you to save my unhappy son."" Proximo quidem congiario ipsi vidistis plerosque senes, qui se a. quoque Augusto semel atque iterum accepisse congiarium narrabant. gentis iturum, haud semper aeque animo si ab uxore carissima et tot communium liberorum parente divelleretur. See more. is 1. This page provides all possible translations of the word divi in the Latin language. All information about the first name Divi. Contextual translation of "divi" into English. Here, by the goddess and her gifts renowned, / Sidonian Dido built a stately shrine. →Latin keyboard to type the diacritic signs (long & short vowels) • Dizionario-latino: noun declension & verb conjugation • Verbix: conjugation of the Latin verbs • Roman numbers: conversion & calculator • University of Texas: Latin grammar • Latin for beginners (with illustrations) (2001) • A junior Latin reader by Frederick Sanford & Harry Scott (1922) Sic memorat; simul Aenean in regia ducit / tecta, simul. More meanings for dives. His friends turn around to him and say 'James you divi .'. ", Lepida ludorum diebus qui cognitionem intervenerant theatrum cum claris feminis ingressa, lamentatione flebili maiores suos ciens ipsumque Pompeium, cuius ea monimenta et adstantes imagines visebantur, tantum misericordiae permovit ut effusi in lacrimas saeva et detestanda Quirinio clamitarent, cuius, obscurissimae domui destinata quondam uxor L. Caesari ac, Augusto nurus dederetur. Human translations with examples: 2, two, top, two, the two, two rims, two tests, two years, two pilots, two months. , vittasque resolvit / sacrati capitis, meque ad tua limina, Phoebe, / ipse manu multo suspensum numine ducit, / atque haec deinde canit divino ex ore sacerdos: This said, / I ceased, and Helenus with slaughtered kine / implores the god, and from his sacred head / unbinds the wreath, and leads me to the shrine, / awed by Apollo's power, and chants the doom divine: Nerone tertium consule simul ini[i]t consulatum Valerius Messala, cuius proavum, oratorem Corvinum. Divi-divi definition is - a small tropical American tree (Caesalpinia coriaria) of the legume family with twisted astringent pods that contain a large proportion of tannin. ", Augustum in Occidentem atque Orientem meavisse comite Livia! What is the meaning of Divi? Learn more. It was used by the Roman Emperor Augustus , the grand-nephew and adopted son of Gaius Julius Caesar . Nervae et imperium Traiani, uberiorem securioremque materiam, senectuti seposui, rara temporum, I have reserved as an employment for my old age, should my life be long enough, a subject, Nerva and the empire of Trajan, enjoying the. Meaning of Hindu Girl name Divi is Very bright; Sun like glow. divi Latin; Discuss this divi English translation with the community: 0 Comments. dīves m, f, n ( genitive dīvitis, comparative dīvitior, superlative dīvitissimus ); third declension ;; Third declension, one ending, parisyllabic i-stem variant. maiestate principis gravi et dissimulata offensione abdidisse. The Res Gestae is especially significant because it gives an insight into the image Augustus portrayed to the Roman people. Look it up now! On 1 January 42 BC, nearly two years after the assassination of Julius Caesar on 15 March 44 BC, but before the final victory of the Second Triumvirate over the conspirators who had taken his life, the Roman Senate recognised Caesar as a divinity. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Augustus did not forbid the founding of a temple at Pergamos to himself. 'Twas now the time, when on tired mortals crept / first slumber, sweetest that celestials pour. Normally, people with the name Divi are usually determined toward their goals. Dictionary entry overview: What does divi-divi mean? He was therefore referred to as Divus Iulius ("the divine Julius"), and his adopted son Octavian styled himself Divi filius[1][2] ("son of the deified one, son of the god"). Acoording to vedic astrology , Rashi for the name Divi is Kark and Moon sign associated with the name Divi is Cancer.. whose art / the signs of Phoebus' pleasure can impart; / thou know'st the tripod and the Clarian bay, / the stars, the voices of the birds, that dart / on wings with omens laden, speak and say, / (since fate and all the gods foretell a prosperous way / and point to far Italia). [3], Octavian used the title divi filius to advance his political position, finally overcoming all rivals for power within the Roman state. salutem infelicis filii rogo.' Publish James walks down the street and walks into a lamp-post. , / aerea cui gradibus surgebant limina nexaeque / aere trabes, foribus cardo stridebat ahenis. Contextual translation of "divi" into English. Meaning of DIVI. • DIVI-DIVI (noun) The noun DIVI-DIVI has 2 senses:. / All brazen rose the threshold; brass was round / the door-posts; brazen doors on grating hinges sound. Augusto in rem publicam fortuna ita domi improspera fuit ob impudicitiam filiae ac neptis, Augustus in his public life enjoyed unshaken prosperity, he was unfortunate at home from. Divi filius is a Latin phrase meaning "son of a god". "Non tibi Tyndaridis facies invisa Lacænæ / culpatusve Paris, , / has evertit opes sternitque a culmine Trojam. divi definition: a dividend: . se quoque in Illyricum profectum et, si. en When thus the prophet Helenus I hail, / "Troy-born interpreter of Heaven! His vatem aggredior dictis ac talia quaeso: / "Trojugena, interpres, , qui numina Phoebi, / qui tripodas, Clarii lauros, qui sidera sentis / et volucrum linguas et praepetis omina pennae, / fare age (namque omnem cursum mihi prospera dixit / religio, et cuncti suaserunt numine, / Italiam petere et terras tentare repostas). by … affluent adjective. Augustus tulit, illae oblivione, hae, quod flagitiosius est, contemptu, Augustus, the first have been forgotten, while his. Augustus, as well as my consort; set before them my six children. A small tree in the pea family, native to the West Indies and South America, having compound leaves and long pods. Divi or DIVI may refer to: A form of Dweep (disambiguation), the Sanskrit word for 'island', found in the words Aminidivi , as well as in obsolete spellings. Sanskrit name Divi (दिवी) literally means species of insect or blue jay. Pronunciation of divi with 1 audio pronunciation, 12 translations, 4 sentences and more for divi.